Why We Recommend A Built Up Roof
Longevity. Strength. Durability. With a track record dating back to the early 1800s, built up roof systems have stood the test of time. They have continuously evolved and are optimally designed to endure harsh weather conditions in extreme climates year-round. Built up roofing continues to be among the most common commercial low-slope roofing systems in the world.

Built up roofs have one of the lowest lifecycle costs of any roof system, and there are versatile options for any budget. Repairs are comparatively easier than other ply systems, but as with any roof they should be cleaned and proactively maintained twice annually to minimize accelerated deterioration, avoid costly emergency repairs, and to maximize its serviceable life.

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Key Benefits of Built Up Roofs
Built up roofs provide multi-layer protection, insulating thermal value, fire and wind uplift resistance, durability, superb tensile strength, and resistance to extreme weather. They are suitable for all types of roof decks, have a successful 100+ year track record, withstand high volumes of foot traffic, are adaptable to meet any penetration or flashing detail configuration, and their layer redundancy reduces the chance for future leaks.

How to Compare Multiple Built Up Roofing Proposals
Not all built up roof systems are equal. When a significant difference in contract prices exist, note factors such as:
  • number of plys
  • safety and fall protection setup
  • method of roofing under A/C units and coolers
  • base sheet weight
  • fastener spacing
  • use of primers
  • new vs. reused flashing
  • asphalt application rates
  • new vs. reused metal counter flashing
  • whether all penetrations are properly three-coursed with web and coating

NOTE: Even slight variations in one or more of these factors can significantly affect price, quality, and longevity.

Add an Energy Star Coating to a Built Up Roof
Adding a reflective coating to a built up roof creates a cool roof system. Quality coatings installed properly on a built up roof reduces the surface temperature by 60-100 degrees in the summer, thereby reducing your energy costs and contributing to reduced urban heat-island effect and pollutants. It serves as a sacrificial layer to the elements and reduces thermal shock roof damage to the building by moderating natural expansion and contraction which occurs when cool rain hits a hot roof.

Along with twice-annual preventive roof cleaning and maintenance, a new coating layer can simply be installed every 10-12 years - avoiding the need for future costly tear-off and replacement and reducing landfill environmental impact (did you know that U.S. landfills are comprised 7-10% of roofing waste?).

Watch this short video to see how a built up roof with coatings is installed:

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