Why Preventive Roof Cleaning and Maintenance?
Preventive roof cleaning and maintenance (also known as a General Maintenance Agreement) can be a one-time proactive effort to prevent roof leaks from occurring during upcoming rainstorms. It can also be a one year contract where the work is done twice in a twelve month period where during that time emergency leak repairs are covered under warranty. Finally, for owners and managers of a building with a new roof installed, it can (and should) be a perpetual annual investment not only to prevent roof leaks but to maintain warranties and to maximize the service life of the roof system.

What is included in preventive roof maintenance?
A General Maintenance Agreement typically consists of the following, as applicable:
  • Cleaning the roof, drain areas, and drain ways of all trash and debris and hauling it away
  • Checking and repairing any deteriorated membrane in the drain areas and drain ways
  • Repairing any open pipe flashings, equipment base flashing details, field laps, and corner details
  • Properly repairing any open wall scuppers and/or drains
  • Sealing open parapet base wall laps
  • Repairing any existing repairs throughout the roof field that have since failed
  • Repairing any openings in the surface coating (when applicable)
  • Coating any exposed mastic with an aluminum roof coating
  • Removing and properly disposing of all roof-related debris
What are the benefits of preventive roof maintenance?
Having Starkweather Roofing perform twice-annual roof cleaning and maintenance not only provides you with a fixed cost on roof repairs, but will eliminate most roof leaks from ever occurring when it does rain and is proven to significantly extend the life of your roof, thereby deferring capital investments in re-roofing. And if that isnt enough, roofs under warranty (including general maintenance) receive first priority for service should you require it.

What is not included in preventive roof maintenance?
Please note that a General Maintenance Agreement does not cover roof leaks as a result of storm damage, tenant improvements or other unauthorized roof penetrations, HVAC units, skylights, oil and grease spills, a damaged roof hatch, missing vent caps, drain pipes, gutters and downspouts, condensation lines, damages caused by others, or other items not installed by Starkweather Roofing.

How much does preventive roof maintenance cost?
Every roof is different based on age, condition, size, shape, existing roof system, amount of rooftop equipment, volume of foot traffic, type of tenants, rate of tenant turnover, proximity of trees to the building, direct sunlight exposure, and so much more. On average though, preventive roof cleaning and maintenance costs just 5-10 cents per square foot. Please note that an aged roof that has not been regularly cleaned and maintained typically costs on the higher side the first year, then tends to level out on the lower side in subsequent years.

Get a quote on preventive roof maintenance
Starkweather Roofing would be happy to provide you with a scope of work recommendation and price at no charge or obligation. Simply fill out our online quote request form.

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